We Thrive at
the Intersection of

What We Do

Your customer’s expectations rise
with every great experience they have.

By dreaming big and working relentlessly to delight your customer—we deliver results and, along the way, help
you discover your Mojo.

Marketing Comms
Marketing Technology

Our Leadership

  • Darnell Smith
    Darnell Smith
    Founder + CEO
  • Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith
    Co-Founder + President
  • Doug Hovekamp
    Doug Hovekamp
    Executive Creative Director
  • Chelsea Russell
    Chelsea Russell
    COO + CFO
  • Samantha Thompson
    Samantha Thompson
    Vice President of Corporate Communications
  • Magan Arthur
    Magan Arthur
    Managing Director Consulting

How We Do It

Our Not-So-Secret Sauce

  1. Think outcomes first
    Our hierarchy is outcome>strategy>tactics.
  2. Understand context
    The who/where/when/why is just as important as the what.
  3. Be empowered by data
    We love data but aren’t crippled by it. Intuition is still a part of the winning recipe.
  4. Commit to simple
    We push to simplify—it’s hard work that pays off.
  5. Design for people
    We create experiences for customers, not for the latest available technology.
  6. Tell great stories
    We use narratives to connect.
  7. Iterate, repeat
    A test-and-learn mindset allows us to be flexible.
  8. Micro wins = Macro success
    We don’t expect to win the championship on the first day of practice.

Who We've Done It For

Our clients partner with us when they:

Need a team to work with them seamlessly from strategy through execution

Must act as nimbly as a start-up yet be able to navigate large organizations

Need their ideas amplified by a versatile partner no matter the circumstance

Want a partner that works as a true extension of their team


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