Harness the magic within

“You’re crazy.”

“How will you find clients?”

“That will never work.”

These are some of the exact quotes we heard when we floated the idea of MOJO to our peers in 2014. This is the same year that location-based marketing and retargeting reached buzzword status. Instagram was just starting to take off, signaling the need for greater social and audience diversification. Terms like CDP, DMP, MDM and DAM were still figments of the imagination. And content as king (or queen) took on new meaning as the channels that required it, and the rules around who makes it, started to be reinvented.

Fast forward to today.

There is a growing group of marketing leaders who realize the complexity of the landscape is rendering the old-school, siloed approach virtually extinct. Collaboration with operations, sales and IT teams is now table stakes and the race to better effectiveness and efficiency with spend is only getting more intense.

Our original vision for MOJO has set us up to be at the forefront of this change. As a company, we might be hard to define: digital natives, one part management consultancy, one part strategic creative agency and one part early-stage investment firm. At our core, we are a family of creators, strategists, technologists, consultants, engineers and venture architects who have honed our skills of working iteratively, across disciplines and time zones, to help our clients and partners adapt, transform and thrive.

For us, MOJO represents the magic we help organizations unlock within their own teams and brands. We firmly believe everything you need is already inside of you and success is ultimately based on how well you harness and cultivate your greatness.

Last time we checked, no team has won a championship on the first day of practice — so let’s get to work and make some magic together.

What are our values?

  1. Think outcomes first
  2. Understand context
  3. Be empowered by data
  4. Commit to simple
  5. Design for people
  6. Tell great stories
  7. Iterate, repeat
  8. Micro wins = macro success

Our people


  • Darnell Smith


  • Stephanie Smith

    CEO / Co-Founder

  • Doug Hovekamp

    Executive Director / Creative

  • Magan Arthur

    Managing Director / Consulting

  • Sam Thompson

    Vice President / Communications

Core Team

  • Ben Crist

    Director / UX

  • Brian Zielinski

    Director / Graphic

  • Brittany Pyles

    Manager / Operations

  • Chris Kirk-Nielsen

    Senior Developer / Front-End

  • Clinton Wray

    Designer / Production

  • Dominic Mottola

    Designer / Graphic

  • Erica Williams

    Senior Technologist / Marketing

  • Erin Gillespie

    Associate Director / UX

  • Jake Packett

    Account Lead

  • John Cardosi

    Lead Designer / UX/UI

  • Madeline Guthrie

    Senior Designer / Graphic

  • Matt Crandall

    Director / Development

  • Matthew Kennedy

    Lead Developer / Front-End

  • Megan Althaus

    Associate Director / UX

  • Michael Augustine


  • Nick Sultzman

    Designer / Motion

  • Paul Eichert

    Paul Eichert

    Designer / Graphic

  • Ramey Morris

    Senior Designer / Motion

  • Sarah Chatman

    Manager / Social Media and Digital Content

  • Ted Sartini

    Lead Designer / Production

  • Tracie Kenyon

    Tracie Kenyon

    Assistant Controller

MOJO is a growing team brought together by good fortune, good clients, and a shared passion to make great work.

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